Rice for the Soul

“You can sit anywhere you want…except for the teak table.” This has got to be the strangest coffee shop I’ve ever occupied. I’m sitting at a glass-top table that’s selling for $300, next to a towering, near-naked Christmas tree. Country Christmas music is playing in the background. Part coffee shop, part thrift store,  wholesomely bizarre and awesome. The past hour felt strangely spiritual as I had an uninterrupted opportunity to connect with the owners. Eric had previously ran a cafe while Allen did work to help shelter the homeless. Together, the brothers combined their efforts to launch Rice Brothers Coffee in Houston, TX. Articles are donated to the thrift store and the proceeds go to helping the homeless. Meanwhile, the coffee is damned delicious. I don’t have adequate words to describe this place. It’s totally weird and undeniably wonderful.

I couldn’t think of a better place to start this blog. After years of owning this domain and dreaming of all the things it could grow up to be, I finally decided to stop thinking and let it be whatever it ends up being. So here it goes…

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